Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Hlífrún Released!

Hlífrún has been released on Kindle & paperback!

When the abuse of magic rips open borders and plunges the Emerald Kingdom into winter at the height of Midsummer, Hlífrún - skogsrå, Root Mother and Queen of the Woods - must find some way to thaw her forests, repair her eternal connection beneath the soil, and protect her kin from the deadly ravages of frost, magic and humans.

Inspired by the creatures of Scandinavian folklore and set within the world of The Devoted trilogy, this stand-alone supplemental and series of short stories sees the struggles of nature against the carelessness of civilisation as it fights back with root and claw.

Includes Fresher Publishing short listed story, 'The Girl in the Crystal Tree'.

Hlífrún is a stand-alone supplementary novella to Kim Wedlock's 'The Devoted' trilogy.

Cover art by Frenone


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