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Tuesday 5 February 2019


I'm Kim - a hopeless fantasy writer.
Now, who the hell are you?

Here I'll post news and updates on upcoming novels, as well as illustrations, highlights, sales and bookish goodies I think you just might enjoy.

If you're not familiar with my work, allow me to point you towards my author page and bibliography. My fantasy books are aimed at adults and mature YA. Everything is available in paperback and Kindle, and from time to time I may offer competitions and giveaways for signed hardback copies, map prints and more. So stick around!

My most recent book is The Zi'veyn, the first of The Devoted trilogy released in 2018.
A tale of devotion taken too far, as well as magic, ruins and strained relationships.
Take a peek and read the first five chapters for free right here. Otherwise, find it for £1.99 on Kindle.
The Kindle app is free, by the way, and can be installed on any computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

The second of the trilogy will be out summer 2019.