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Wednesday 29 July 2020

6 Years of The Devoted Trilogy

    Monday the 27th marked the end of the 6th year I've been working on The Devoted trilogy.
   The story has been through so many changes that the initial plan - a file dated with the above date - is virtually unrecognisable. Characters have grown in ways I'd never expected, and science has played a bigger role than I'd intended. Biological magic, political entanglement and psychological impacts - which, I suppose, is only suitable when the enemy employs such levels of deception.
   When I started, it was a relatively 'complex' plot - just enough to be interesting. It has since grown into a labyrinth. Nothing, as it turns out, is quite what it seems, from the starting situation to the alliances involved. I've worried at times that it's too dull, and at others that it's too complicated. But when I read it all through, I find myself confident rather than concerned. And for all my other worries over the years, that no one would be interested, that no one cared, that I was 'wasting my time' (side note: time spent doing what you love can never possibly be time 'wasted'), I can say that I love what my trilogy has become.

  On Saturday August 1st, The Zi'veyn turns 2 years old, and The Sah'niir turns 1. The Zi'veyn will be available on Kindle for free from then until the 5th, and I have 2 free short stories to share, as well as a new and rather different illustration that I've been seriously torn between sharing and not. But I decided, given the occasion, to go ahead and throw it out there in August.

   The first short story will be available on August 15th (Aug 1st for Patreon) and the second will be August 22nd (Aug 8th for Patreon). Patreon will also get a sneak peek of the WIP of book 3's cover before anyone else, which won't be shown publicly until it's finished.