Short Stories & Illustrations

   It's not much, but it's something. Aside from being able to read the first 5 chapters of my books for free on my bibliography page, I will, from time to time, share short stories, poems, illustrations and so on - and this is where you'll find them.

Short Stories

Forest Fire - October 2020, custom - Nergui and Dane run from the golden flames of a collapsing, frozen volcano. Netherrealms concept.
To Defend and Dissuade -
September 2020 - Mystery has power. Holding it over your own men gives it that much more.
The Calling
- September 2020, custom - Young dragon-born girl faces her coming-of-age ritual.
It's Just Business -
August 2020, custom - An escort contract gets messy.
One Öre -
August 2020 - The Zi'veyn anniversary story.
Steps of Hope
- August 2020, custom - Lost love, hopeless love; yearning on the pastures.
Little Dragon
- July 2020 - Animal origin story.
The Hermit
- May 2020 - Tarot & folklore; an askafroa finds her place.
The Hierophant -
April 2020 - Tarot & mythology; Chiron challenges Apollo for identity.
Forsaken -
February 2020 - Warcraft OC fiction following patch 8.3
Yule, The Arkhamas Way
- December 2019 - Ditchlings' own attempt at Yule celebrations.
Moonstruck -
June 2019 - A young girl tries to outrun the moon.
October's Blood -
March 2019 - writing exercise under Neil Gaiman's 'The Art of Storytelling'
The Garden Party -
March 2019 - drawn & written for Faebelina's community #OCGardenParty 

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