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Wednesday 13 December 2023

Health Update

     It's not hard to notice that I've been absent for a long time.

     For those of you who don't know, I'm currently dealing with severe depression, trauma and anxiety. I am on medication, I am in therapy, and I am improving, but it has meant that my energy and motivation for creative work has lately been thin. I'm still working on things, I still have lots of biiiig plans, but actually executing them at this moment is proving to be beyond difficult.

     I have full intention to return, and I am working on a new book series that I've been excited about for years, but the opportunity to begin it coincided with the complete upheaval of life as I knew it.

     It will pass, I will be fine, the depression and trauma have been caused by something, it's not a natural disposition, so this is something that will fade. But it does mean that, for the moment, creating in any form that requires a lot of thought and memory is beyond my ability. Instead I've been painting more, creating with clay, with carving, and trying to let the motivation return naturally. It's not easy, but I know that it is in my blood. It will return.

     My patrons know the bigger details, and I have paused subscription fees for the foreseeable future, at least until I can create content at a more regular rate. It won't necessarily be monthly, but if its one story every 2 months and a sneak peek at book planning progress, then that's something, and in that case I will be pausing the subscription every other month. No one will pay for more than I'm delivering.

     Otherwise, I deeply appreciate your patience. If it's irritating for you, it's far worse for me. I've always felt responsible for my work, and promising content and then being unable to deliver it really takes a toll on me. So kindness and patience is key to helping me get back on the road. Thank you ♥