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Friday 19 November 2021

New Project Underway

      After completing The Devoted trilogy early this year, I'd already had my next book in mind for almost two years, so it hasn't been difficult to work out my next project!

     I began truly planning Sylvia (working title) in August, finished up around the end of September, then began work on origin stories to get to know the characters and their pasts. These have been shared on my Patreon. Then, on October 29th, I began work on the book itself.

     So far, I'm quite happy, and once the first five chapters have been written and edited, I'll be handing them over to my patrons to beta-read to help me get my eye back in. Otherwise, I'll be sharing more information on the story in the coming months.

     I will still be working on one unrelated short story a month, but life has recently taken a few big (but good!) turns, and I'm not sure what time is going to be like for a while. I'm going to have to work on my time management and practice being kind to myself (if I'm not working, I'm wasting time, and that's a good mindset if you want your brain to dribble out of your ears). But a balance can and will be struck,

     I'll be sharing snippets on my Patreon as I write, accessible by all tiers, and I'll have something new to announce some time after Christmas, too!


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