The Devoted Trilogy - Book One: The Zi'veyn
Book One: The Zi'veyn (2018)
Book Two: The Sah'niir (2019) (Pre-Order)
Book Three: TBA (2020)

When disembodied magic starts gathering in the wilds of the world, ripping and rending the lands of Arasiin, the Order of Mages are the first to be blamed. But one man doubts that the mages, though powerful, were truly capable of such a thing, and seeks to investigate. Banished ex-warmage, Rathen Koraaz, is the only mage without ties to the Order or the stirrings of their rebellion, and so is the only one who can be trusted to repair the matter. Recruited by Inquisitor Garon Brack of the Hall of the White Hammer, the pair join with a young, enthusiastic historian and set out to discover the nature of the magic and why it is only gathering at the ancient ruins of an extinguished civilisation, the original users of magic.
When it becomes clear that the matter isn't as straight forward as any of them first believed, Rathen is dragged into an exhausting quest to recover an ancient relic, supposedly possessing the power to obliterate magic even within another's veins. But its existence is accredited to myth alone. If they cannot find it, how much time will they have to find an alternative solution before the world is torn open beneath their feet?

But another has also turned his eye towards the legendary relic. Head of the Arana, the royal department of espionage, Salus seeks to turn its power upon the Order of Mages, who he is convinced are responsible, his duty to the protection of his country stretching far beyond the bounds of his position.

In a story of devotion taken too far, what will befall their world, and their unfortunate allies, before the wild, cataclysmic magic can be quelled?

[Adult & mature YA fantasy trilogy; politics, destruction, war, & cults]


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